Delegate Nic Kipke Receives Public Service Award

Delegate Nic Kipke Receives Public Service AwardFrom the Maryland House of Delegates Delegate Nic Kipke was awarded The Casper R. Taylor, Jr. Founder’s Award.

This award is presented annually to a sitting member of the House of Delegates for steadfast commitment to public service and the integrity of the House of Delegates.   The award is given to “someone who participates in this body and elevates everyone,” House Speaker Michael E. Busch explained.

“The award goes to an individual who has risen to be the Minority Leader, and he has conducted himself in such a way that he has elevated the stature of the house, by his debate and demeanor on the House floor.”

Delegate Kipke said, “It was a surprise to receive the honor and when I saw my wife and kids walking out to join me to receive this I felt very sentimental.” He was joined by his wife Susannah, son James, and daughter Evelyn who were secretly informed of the award so that they could join him in receiving the honor. His sister Marygrace and father Ken Kipke joined them in the gallery. Kipke went on, “As Delegate and Minority Leader I strive to bring dignity to our debates and do all I can to diminish partisan foolishness so that we can actually focus on solving problems.  To be acknowledged by the members and Speaker in this way it is personally rewarding and I am very grateful.”   

Kipke Launches Petition to Oppose Mountain Road Bay Bridge

The state is exploring a new route and bridge across the Chesapeake Bay. A study led by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) released three potential routes.

Shockingly, one of those routes includes MD100 through Mountain Road to a bridge that crosses the bay at the end of Mountain Road.

This plan will devastate our community and make traffic worse. Please join Delegate Nic Kipke and Governor Larry Hogan in opposing this plan.

This isn’t the route we need.

You can make a difference.

Sign the Petition.
Tell MDTA to fix our traffic problem … without making things worse.