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Pasadena Service League

Pasadena Service League

Delegate Nic Kipke is sponsoring a program to provide volunteer opportunities for people of all ages to work together to clean up our environment and support those in need.  If you are interested in being a part of this all-American opportunity to service our community please click here to sign up and find out more.  After clicking on that bittom please create a form for people to sign up and collect the following information and give the option to sign up with any of the activities:

What They Say

"He is by far the most responsive government representative ever. The relationships he's cultivated allows him to get things done quickly."
Juli Blanton
“Nic has strong conservative and family values.  He is always available to help when needed.  I am excited about the legislation he is sponsoring to expand school choice.”
Anna Smith
"He is an honest and humble man who strives to obtain the best for all those that he serves. Delegate Kipke is a model public servant that others should attempt to emulate."
Rick Schimpf
“In all the years we've lived in AA County, Nic has been the most caring and responsive representative we have had. He truly cares for what happens in our county as well as making the needs of the residents a priority.”
Linda Cowan

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