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Election Fraud

Breaking News: Del. Kipke Challenges Board on Voter Irregularities

August 3, 2012
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On Friday, August 3, 2012 Delegate Nic Kipke presented the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections a formal challenge to hundreds of voter registrations that Kipke calls "suspect." 
"I have no evidence of any fraud but there are hundreds of irregularities which cause me serious concern.  But it is important that voter rolls are accurate to prevent wrongdoing," said Delegate Kipke.  
Earlier this year he introduced legislation that would require a photo identification card to be presented when voting.  This measure failed to pass.  Since then, he has partnered with a non-partisan organization called Election Integrity Maryland.   They train volunteers to scour over voter registration information to identify possibile irregularities.  The organization then presents this information to officials to be reviewed.
Their volunteers reviewed a small sampling of just 1400 voter registrations from Anne Arundel County.  Of the 1400 records reviewed a total of 668 had irregularities in them. 
The breakdown is as follows:
119 people were registered out of business addresses with no residential component.
59  voters that are still active on the rolls are deceased
178  do not live at the address on their voter registration
194  are registered out of groups that would not verify their occupants, i.e. Job Corp training organization and drug rehab locations
41  are listed as inactive voters, but are on the rolls
1 voter registered out of a vacant lot
75 voter addresses were incorrect or incomplete to the point that delivery of mail from the BOE could not be certain
For more information on Election Integrity Maryland visit their website at http://electionintegritymaryland.com/